My Story

My background and road in IT so far

My story with IT began in 90s, when as a kid I received Commodore64 with a Commodore Basic manual, which was the first programming language I've learned, being 9 years old.

This was the end of the era of Commodore and Amiga and soon enough school where my father worked received devices for its IT class. With my father being IT teacher, I've been regularly staying after school to help him with Windows NT4, Small Business Server software and school network management.

My highschool was a kind-of break from IT, but I underwent full return during my studies. I started to work as a system administrator and database specialist for a VoIP software company, where I spent more than 2 years of learning, working with people from all around the world and polishing my IT skills.

In 2013 I co-founded as a start up and in 2014 I left my job. quickly stopped to be just a start up and number of projects and customers have occupied lots of my time, so I didn't really looked for another "stable", "9to5" job and started to put even more effort in this company.

In August 2014 I passed lots of my responsibilities in to my trusted partners, started cooperation with VoIP operator and Alizee Telecom as a system administrator. These cooperations quickly escalated when it was clear that both companies require custom software for their business. This is when Keios Solutions was converted into IT services agency, hired some talented people and started developing.

For over four years under this label I have offered services of me and my team in web applications development. We specialized in VoIP portals development, integration and custom e-commerce solutions (such as printing business e-commerce, voip e-commerce, mobile recharge e-commerce, hostel booking etc). We have created a huge stack of plugins and tools for OctoberCMS and there was no e-commerce type that was outside of our scope.

In September 2017 we have joined Viamage initiative, I have become an executive director there, being responsible for web development projects of that company.

While our teams are doing great job in Viamage, in 2019 I decided to personally aid some external companies with my knowledge as an IT consultant, providing architecture guidelines, backend code, insight and, when required, in-house code to make development and maintenance smooth and fast.